Sky Blue Colour Index 62045


  • Cosmetic Grade.
  • Highest concentration available on the market.
  • Liquid Form.
  • These dyes are all made to order and therefore come freshly prepared and with maximum shelf life.
  • We are one of Leading UK manufacturers and supplier for cosmetic liquid dyes on the market.
  • Vegan friendly & not tested on animals!


Suitable for colouring all water based and dried powder products including but not limited to:

Soap Melt & Pour

Soap Cold Process

Bath bombs

Shower Melts


Bath salts


Water based sprays


Not suitable for:

Wax melts





Please note:

The photos depicting the product are for illustrative purposes only and will differ in your finished product depending on the final concentration. 

Sky Blue (CI62045) - Aqueous Based Water Soluble Liquid Dye

  • Our aqueous based liquid dyes are made to the highest concentration therefore the safe care and handling must be adhered to at all times to prevent staining.


    Always handle while wearing gloves and protect your work surfaces. Do not ingest product nor eat, drink nor smoke while handling the product. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


    If your skin comes into accidental contact with the dye, wash thoroughly with warm water and a detergent such as washing up liquid.


    Store upright in the original container with the lid secured when not in use. Store out of direct sunlight. Store the product at room temperature. Store in a safe location away from pets and children.


    Storage life: 24Months.


    For full details please consult our free SDS.