White titanium dioxide mineral pigment will suspends in water and water based substances. Commonly used in soap making to add whiteness. Can also be mixed with other powdered pigments to produce pastel colours. 


Our product is food grade titanium dioxide.


Particle size: 0.30 microns +/-0.05 microns


Naturally occurring oxide of titanium. 

Stable in cold process soaps and works well in opaque melt & pour soaps. Also suitable for bath bombs, food colouring (E171), paint, sunscreen and mineral make up such as foundations dry powders and blushers etc. 


When being used in melt and pour soap making, to prevent 'spotting' add a little water and glycerine or glycol to produce a paste. Add the paste to melted soap base ensuring thorough mixing. This will ensure good dispersion of the colour and a better finish.


Product is a white coloured dry powder.


Meets all FDA and European E172 heavy metal requirements for use in cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical applications.

White Titanium Dioxide

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